Monica Carvalho Alves



During the 2014-2015 I will be continuing my third year of undergraduate education at Simmons College, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Much of my research interest lies in water quality and the health hazards associated to a population’s consumption. While this may be my specific interest at the moment, I have hopes to spread my experience in renewable energy and the sustainability as a whole in both urban and rural communities.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Environmental Science and Public Health | 2012- 2016(expected) | SImmons college

  • Major: Environmental Science and Public Health
  • Minor: Sustainability My minor in sustainability explores the emerging recognition that current human activity is putting unsustainable pressure on resources and natural systems on which human existence depends, often with the most negative impact on the most vulnerable members of society.

Study Abroad Semester | 2014 | The Minzu University of China

EnvironmentalCultural + Economic Sustainability in BeijingChina

In the Spring Semester of my undergraduate sophomore year, I participated in a Environmental, Cultural, and Economic Sustainability program. This programs introduced me to the critical field of sustainability through lecture, discussion, student research, and first-hand experiential activities in Beijing, China.

This program, while exposing me to a new cultural dynamic, also allowed me to explore the field of sustainability and the urgent need for sustainable practices for the well-being of human societies, and for the potential of continued benefits from economic growth long term. In order for this to be accomplished, an understanding of the “three-pillar” model of sustainability is necessary, articulating the critical need to balance environmental, sociocultural, and economic needs in development. Further details on my research can be found on my WordPress.

Campus Card Office Assistant Simmons college | September 2012-present

  • This job includes the following duties: student and faculty identification card distribution, parking garage validation, and online parking order verification.
  • Throughout this occupation an assistant must be familiar with the programs used to record all transactions. This includes familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, iPark, CardSmith and CCure.(Annually, I do not hold this position May-August)

Dock Staff/Camp Counselor | Boating in Boston | April 2013-August 2013

  • Site and boat cleaning / maintenance
  • Supervision of the on the water activities
  • Setup and assist instructors with groups
  • Supervising of Children ages 8 – 15
  • Leading/teaching groups of adults and children
  • Teach beginning and intermediate boating skills

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